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Welcome to AU’s website for news and information about American University’s ongoing projects that are designed to help achieve our goal of “Building A Better American.” The various facilities projects presented on these pages, most of which were approved in our 2011 Campus Plan, support AU’s academic aspirations and enhance campus ambiance.

We invite students, faculty, staff, and neighbors to visit this site often for an overview of our building program, details about specific projects, and up-to-date information about all the ongoing construction and notice of any possible, temporary impact they may have on the community.

During the construction process, there may be temporary inconveniences that occasionally affect our neighbors and the university community. We will always strive to minimize the impact of our construction activity.

Construction Updates

Capital Projects Scheduled During Summer Break

During American University's upcoming summer break, progress will continue on a number of capital projects throughout the campus. Some of the projects were scheduled specifically during the summer break to minimize disruption to the community, as they will take place in high pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas. During this time, there may be localized pedestrian and vehicular traffic redirection, possible construction noise disruption, and occasional service interruptions. Workers will make their best efforts to minimize any inconveniences. Work will include:

New Construction Projects

  • East Campus - Nebraska Ave. - Nebraska parking lot will close on May 19. More detailed information regarding parking will be provided prior to the date. (May 19, 2014 - August 2016)
  • WCL-Tenley (June 2013 - July 2015)
  • McKinley Storm Water Management System - Complete installation of storm water filter and bio retention pond adjacent to McKinley Hall. (May 15 - August 15)

Major Repairs/Renovations

  • Letts/Anderson Road to Watkins/Kreeger – Steam and chilled water line replacement. Temporary closings (May 19 – September 30)
  • Ward Circle Walk and Retaining Wall – Pedestrians will be advised to follow traffic redirection. (May 19 – August 16)
  • Butler Pavilion Tunnel - "Main Street" Renovation. Replacement of sidewalk pavers, new crosswalks and lighting and new wall and ceiling finishes. Store entrances will remain open throughout the project. Pedestrians will be advised to follow directional signage. The roadway will remain open but traffic will be restricted periodically to one direction at a time. Drivers will be advised to minimize use of the roadway and to heed directional signage and flag persons. (May 19 - August 1)
  • TDR Kitchen Renovation - Complete renovation of terrace level kitchen and replacement of kitchen equipment. Dining facilities will observe normal summer hours, using the first floor kitchen and a mobile kitchen staged south of the building between MGC and McKinley. (May 12 - August 4)
  • Hughes Hall Renovation - Building closed. (May 13 –August 8)
  • Hughes Hall Steam Line Replacement - Walkway north side of spiritual garden will be closed to pedestrians. (May 23 -Aug 15)
  • Ward Circle Building Steam Line Replacement - Partial closures of quad walkway and WCB steps, but will always maintain access. (May 19– August 10)

Other Repairs/Renovations

  • Centennial Hall Façade Repairs - Workers outside residence hall windows. (May 19 – August 1)
  • Letts/Anderson Halls Window Caulking - Workers outside residence hall windows. (May 13 - August 1)
  • Katzen Garage Lighting Upgrades - No lane closures within the garage. (May 19- September 19)
  • Leonard/McDowell Roof Coating - (June 1- July 31)

Throughout the summer, periodic notifications containing further updates will be issued on this website.

East Campus Most Recent Update

August 29, 2014

  • Week of September 1, 2014
    Sheeting and shoring piles delivered to the site.
    On-site beam fabrication/preparation.
  • Week of September 8, 2014
    Dewatering well installation scheduled to begin.
    Pile driving scheduled to begin.

Mass excavation of the site is scheduled to begin the week of October 13.

Tenley Campus - Most Recent Update

August 5, 2014 - Concrete structure of underground parking levels P1 and P2 is complete.

Storm and sanitary piping, electrical conduit, and permanent lighting are being installed on the P1 and P2 parking levels.

Concrete deck of the Lower Level is complete and work is in progress on the north end to bring the structure to grade.

Work has started on the permanent electrical service to the Nebraska Avenue wing.

Underground drainage piping is being installed in the Atrium area.

McKinley - Most Recent Update:

May 2014 - Construction completed (May 2014).

4401 Connecticut - Most Recent Update:

March 12, 2014 - Construction completed (September 2013).

Cassell Hall - Most Recent Update:

August 2013 - Construction completed.

Nebraska Hall - Most Recent Update:

August 2013 - Construction completed.

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