Exploring Intercultural Communication (Updated 11/5/12)

9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Thursday, May 2 (2013), The Gianni Lounge (Mary Graydon Conference Room 200)

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American University is a wonderfully diverse work~environment. This workshop explores the impact of~culture on our work lives and in our day-to-day~communications with one another. In this session,~participants will learn fundamental concepts related to~intercultural communication, discuss examples of how~these concepts demonstrate themselves in the workplace,~and identify barriers to communication and ways to~overcome those barriers. Participants will be introduced~to culture scales of communication, time, power,~obligations, and work dynamics. A combination of case~studies, lecture, and group discussions will be used.~~Participants will be able to:~~ Examine the impact of intercultural~communication on our work lives~~ Discuss fundamental concepts related to~intercultural communication~~ Identify barriers to intercultural~communication and ways to reduce or manage~those barriers~~Workshop length: Four hours

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