Leadership: Creating the Climate for Innovation (Updated 4/1/13)

9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Thursday, April 11 (2013), Hughes Formal

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This interactive workshop looks at how leaders affect~productivity and explores approaches for encouraging~innovation in the workplace. You will complete a~self-assessment worksheet based on the Situational~Outlook Questionnaire, which measures the factors~shown to have the greatest impact on organizational~innovation, productivity, quality, and well-being. Learn~what the most~and least~creative organizations are~doing, and analyze how your work environment~compares and what you can do to improve it.~~Participants will be able to:~~ Identify nine specific dimensions leaders need~to develop in order to create a climate where~productivity can improve and innovation can~flourish.~~ Assess how the current workplace environment~compares with the most innovative and the~most stagnated environments~~ Develop a plan of action for improving climate~~Workshop length: Four hours

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