Personal Empowerment: Using Your Initiative (Updated 11/5/12)

9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Wednesday, February 13 (2013), Mary Graydon Conference Room 247

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Want to learn how you can make your job more~rewarding and become a more valuable member of your~team? Would you like to have more autonomy in your~work? Learn why empowerment is important, how it can~help you grow personally and professionally, and what~taking initiative means. Explore the six key empowerment~actions and create a plan for personal development.~~Participants will be able to:~~ Define personal empowerment and an~individual~s role in empowering self and others~~ Recognize personal and common barriers to~taking initiative~~ Identify appropriate personal empowerment~actions and plan how to use them~~Workshop length: Four hours

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