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Eligible jobs, for which you may recruit through the Career Center, consist of professional duties and salaries or hourly wages. The Career Center does not support full commission-based positions; opportunities that require candidates to pay fees for application processes, training, equipment, or other job-related expenses; positions that are based in home offices or private residences; and food or personal service positions such as waiting tables and dog walking.

Acceptable internships provide students with structured learning experiences, regular supervision, and exposure to professional aspects of chosen fields. 


In order to utilize Career Center services, you and your organization must comply with American University regulations and applicable federal, state, and local laws, including:

  • Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education: American University prohibits discrimination and discriminatory harassment (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) against any AU community member on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy), age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, source of income, veteran status, an individual's genetic information, or any other bases under federal or local laws (collectively "Protected Bases"). Compelled by law (the Solomon Amendment), the Career Center grants one exception to the U.S. military so as to avoid the loss of all federal funding, which includes federal student financial assistance and research grants.
  • Anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act if screening applicants based on their work authorization.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, particularly the guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's fact sheet #71 about internship programs.


The Career Center ascribes to Principles for Professional Practice, set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and expects employers to review and honor the Principles for Employment Professionals.


Third-party recruiters must adhere to NACE Principles for Third-Party Recruiters and may recruit AU students and alumni at the discretion of the Career Center. 

As a third-party recruiter, you may participate in select campus recruiting activities as long as you provide position descriptions for eligible jobs upon request and refrain from charging candidates for your services. You may recruit AU students and alumni through AU CareerWeb listings, semi-annual Job and Internship Fairs, and networking receptions, while other services are reserved for employers.


If you seek candidates for eligible jobs and internships, you may formally recruit AU students and alumni through AU CareerWeb listings and resume books, semi-annual Job and Internship Fairs, on-campus interviews, information sessions, information tables, and networking receptions. However, the Career Center reserves the right to deny you access to recruiting services at any time. 

You may only use campus facilities, reserved by the Career Center on your behalf, for the purpose of recruiting AU students and alumni for eligible jobs and internships. Information session room requests and tabling are subject to availability. 

Hosting an information session is a privilege provided to you if also conducting on-campus interviews in the same time frame. Additionally, you may host one information table per academic year.


In cases of inclement weather, on-campus recruiting activities proceed as planned when the university is open and are canceled or rescheduled when the university is closed. Please call 202-885-1100 for daily updates about the university’s operating status.

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