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Career Center M31

Career Center M31

Alumni Success Story

Professional Masters Program Alumni Discuss Their Success

By Michael Wargo

SOC Ayofemi Kirby

Alumna Ayofemi Kirby is Communications Director for the United States Congress.

Recent graduates from the Stategic Communication Professional Masters Program are excelling in their fields, and have high praise for the classes they took at AU, which they say helped prepare them for their jobs.

The Professional Masters Program in Strategic Communication, which was recently named one of the top five public relations graduate programs in the nation by PRWeek, is designed for the working professional who wants to take their career to the next level. The program prepares graduates for leadership roles in strategic communication for public and private sector organizations. Graduates become stronger advocates for their organization's strategic goals and objectives. They learn ways to effectively target audiences, ways to create compelling messages and best communication practices in a changing world of new media and evolving technology.

Ayofemi Kirby is the Communications Director for the United States Congress. She says that knowing her audience is a skill she developed while at SOC. “Knowing the audiences requires a different approach to engagement which includes research, empathy and the willingness to be wrong and make adjustments,” said Kirby. “This is an important lesson I learned at AU that think about and do my best to apply every day.” Read full Q@A

Corinne Hoare is the Strategic Outreach Director for Public Notice and a professor in American University’s Public Communication department. She said the reason she enjoyed the program was because of its diversity. “We were comprised of people from different countries, backgrounds, ages, and political affiliations,” said Hoare. “Some had a lot of work experience and some only had a few years. Every one of us took away something different out of the program. It is not an easy program, but if you’re willing to challenge yourself and to improve your public communication skills in a supportive and dynamic environment, this program is for you.” Read full Q&A

Stephany Greene is President of Stephany & Company, LLC., and author of Stephany's Style Secrets: 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best. Greene said she learned how to develop a public communication plan from a strategic point of view while in the program. “Anyone can draft a press release, or Google how to do it, but SOC taught me how to strategize public communications from the stage of initial conceptual planning, to the behavior and/or market changes I want to achieve,” said Greene. “Now I can forecast how my public communications and marketing campaigns will evolve over time, and I can come close to predicting the long term outcome as well.” Read full Q&A