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Student Success Story

Kennedy Center Internship Offers Chance to Build Management Skills

By Sally Acharya

Andrea Klotzche

Andrea Klotzche, CAS/MA.

Let’s put on a show.

In the old days, all it took was enthusiasm to make it in the industry. Today it takes talented professionals like Andrea Klotzsche.

Before joining AU’s arts management program, Andrea, a master's student in the College of Arts and Sciences, worked for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. But she realized she needed more: Specialized knowledge and more experience.

A summer Kennedy Center internship landed Klotzsche in the nitty-gritty of daily life at the Center’s gleaming building by the Potomac where she assisted with events and communicated with artists. Her behind-the- scenes work for Millennium Stage helped those summer performances come to life.

At the interns’ weekly seminars with vice presidents and department heads, arts leaders freely answered questions and offered tips not usually available in a classroom setting.

Once, when Klotzsche wondered about the Kennedy Center’s endowment principle, she was able to ask the vice president of development directly -- and she got a frank answer.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity,” she says, “an asset to my career path.”