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Student Success Story

Discovering Radio at WWWT 107.7

By Mike Unger

Emily Jarvis

Emily Jarvis, SOC/BA '09, at WWWT 107.7-FM.

As Emily Jarvis '09 soaked up summer rays, she wasn't aware she was compiling material for her radio internship.

The School of Communication student worked at WWWT 107.7-FM radio, where she had been asked to do technical production and banter on the air with morning hosts Burd and Doyle. 

“The staff there is amazing,” says Jarvis. “Only about eight people work there, so they depend on the interns for help. The second day we were running the board, which meant what we did was going out onto the air.”

Jarvis says the experience was invaluable in her quest to become a foreign correspondent. Radio was not on her radar, but she became fascinated by the medium after taking Jill Olmsted’s broadcast journalism course.

“We got to see a radio station, and the way Professor Olmsted taught the class was radio-based," Jarvis says. "It was eye-opening."

Apparently, so was Jarvis’s sunburn. WWWT’s Burd and Doyle certainly noticed, and brought her into the studio to discuss it during their show.

“They were making fun of me, but it was all in good fun,” Jarvis says. “I love radio now.”