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Quantitative/Applied Technology


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Building your skills in Quantitative/Applied Technology

While the top five skills in our Career Skills Initiative are critical to developing a professional career, it is often a specific applied skill that can make the difference in whether or not you get that first job.

What are these skills? That depends on your discipline. If you are interested in social sciences, and seek a job as a research assistant, then the ability to analyze quantitative and qualitative data is key. Add another statistics class, and increase your proficiency in Stata, SPSS or Qualtrics, for example. Are you interested in communications? The ability to design, create and edit websites will supplement your writing skills. Find out what skills are most in demand in your field through research: conduct information interviews in your field, research the career, and peruse the job listings. What tools do employers want you to know?

Refer to our “Related Links” tab to identify resources for learning this skills, such as, available for free to AU students.

Books on Quantitative/Applied Technology

Borrow these books on technology from the Career Center Library or order online.

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