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Alum Lonnie Bunch is founding director of the Smithsonian's new Museum of African American History and Culture: "I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for AU. I was very fortunate to work with people like Alan Kraut, people who both challenged and nurtured me. And what AU did for me was help bring a sense of order and structure to somebody who just loved history and didn’t really know what you could do with it and how to use it."

We can show the world that science can be fun.

Peixotto made international headlines when she helped excavate the fossils of a new species of human relative named Homo naledi from a cave in South Africa. She credits her work at AU for preparing her for this great accomplishment: “I received really excellent training in field methods from Professors Dan Sayers and Richard Dent, so I felt confident I had a good background to be working in this kind of environment.”

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St.Basil's in Moscow

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Carmel Institute Offering $10,000 Award to Study in Moscow

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Group of students from AU Class of 2020 on Quad
Public Health Case Competition Team 2016

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AU Team Wins Prize from National Academy of Medicine

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  • David Keplinger (literature) received a 2017 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in the area of Literary Translation, his Keplinger's second NEA fellowship.

  • Terry Davidson (psychology) won a $316,417 NIH award for the project "Signals to Feed: Biological and Associative Mechanisms."

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