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FRG 2012 Workshop & Conference

FRG Workshop and Conference on Characters, Liftings, and Types

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Moshe Adrian, University of Utah
Hecke Algebras and Simple Supercuspidal Representations

Mitya Boyarchenko, University of Michigan
Deligne-Lusztig Theory and the Local Langlands Correspondence

Benedict Gross, Harvard University
On the Internal Structure of Parahoric Subgroups

Loren Spice, Texas Christian University
Supercuspidal Characters of p-adic Groups (2 parts)

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FRG 2012 Recap

June 19-24, 2012
There has been considerable recent progress in the representation theory of p-adic groups, especially in the study of supercuspidal representations. The workshop aimed to help junior researchers in the area to broaden their understanding, particularly of characters, liftings, and types, in both the standard and symmetric-space settings. The conference that followed presented recent results in these areas.



Bernstein Decomposition
Alan Roche (University of Oklahoma)

Characters of P-Adic Groups
Loren Spice (Texas Christian University)

Langlands Correspondence
Mark Reeder (Boston College)

Nathaniel Thiem (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Symmetric Spaces
Aloysius Helminck (North Carolina State University)


Conference Speakers

Jeffrey Adams (University of Maryland)

Moshe Adrian (University of Utah)

Mitya Boyarchenko (University of Michigan)

Benedict Gross (Harvard University)

Ju-Lee Kim (MIT)

Fiona Murnaghan (University of Toronto)

Roger Plymen (Southampton University)

Jiu-Kang Yu (Purdue University)

Jefferson Memorial

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the National Science Foundation (FRG grants DMS-0854844, DMS-0854897, DMS-0854877, DMS-0854849, DMS-0854877, DMS-0854909, DMS-0854893, and DMS-0854944).


Conference Organizers

Jeffrey Adler (American University)

Stephen DeBacker (University of Michigan)

Jeffrey Hakim (American University)

Joshua Lansky (American University)

Loren Spice (Texas Christian University)

Ryan Vinroot (College of William and Mary)