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Contracts & Grants Administration

  1. Philip Johnson, Associate Dean of Research

    CAS - Physics

    Professor Johnson is a theoretical and computational physicist investigating questions across a number of fields, including topics in quantum computing science, ultracold atomic physics, superconducting qubit physics, and quantum field theory. He is … More

    Send email to Philip Johnson

    (202) 885-2761

  1. Andrew Kada, Contract Coordinator

    CAS - Dean's Office

    Andrew Kada joined the College of Arts and Sciences as a Contract Coordinator in August 2014. Prior to arriving at AU, he served as a Government Compliance Analyst and Accountant at CACI International. His specialties include contract and research gr… More

    Send email to Andrew Kada

    (202) 885-2668

  2. Irina Komives, CAS Pre-Award Grants & Contracts Manager

    CAS - Dean's Office

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    (202) 885-6346

  3. Lindsey Lash-Tunc, Contract Coordinator

    CAS - Dean's Office

    Send email to Lindsey Lash-Tunc

    (202) 885-2539

  4. Cathy Samuels, Director, Contract Administration

    CAS - Dean's Office

    Send email to Cathy Samuels

    (202) 885-2609