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Agenda, August 23, 2012

10:00-10:10 The Chair's Role: Peter Starr


10:10-10:50 Faculty: Peter Starr, Kathleen Kennedy-Corey, Jennifer Arnold
See also (in box on right): Quick Guide to Tenure-Line Searches

  • Hiring
  • Visas
  • Orientations
  • FARS
  • Reviews: Merit, Pre-tenure annual, and Tenure & Promotion
  • Leaves
  • College calendar


10:50-11:20  Staff: Peter Starr, Kathleen Kennedy-Corey, Jonathan Post

  • Professional development
  • Communication
  • The PMP process


11:20-12:00  Curriculum: Cathy Schaeff
See also (in box on right): Advising Information

  • Curriculum development
  • Scheduling
  • Advising
  • Assessment
  • Scholarships and endowments


12:00-1:00  Lunch

  • Lessons from experienced chairs


1:00-1:40  Graduate programs: Mieke Meurs, Peter Starr, Lauren Tabbara
See also (in box on right): Graduate Assistantship Allocation Timeline

  • New graduate regulations information sessions
  • Recruitment
  • Web page improvements
  • Online programs


1:40-2:20  Research: U.J. Sofia, Cathy Samuels, Richard Norwood
Research Support Policies

  • CAS funding
  • Provost funding
  • External funding
  • Funding for students


2:20-3:00. Budget: Peter Starr, Kathleen Kennedy-Corey, Erin Nixon
Research Accounts and Navigating the Controller's Office

  • Department (unrestricted) accounts
  • Development (restricted) accounts
  • Course-fee accounts
  • Research expense accounts (REA)
  • Provost travel funds (PTF)
  • Internally designated faculty research accounts (IDFRA)

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