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Hardwick Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 15, 2016, for priority consideration—later applicants may be considered on a rolling basis through April 14. Successful applicants would be notified by April 15.

Thank you for your interest in the Charley D. Hardwick Scholarship Fund.

The Charley D. Hardwick Scholarship Fund is the collection of the following university scholarships:
Louise and Lucy J. Brown Scholarship
Cochran Memorial Fund
Charles H. and Iva N. Dean Scholarship
Annie G. Hall Scholarship
C. E. Hammond Scholarship
A.B. and L.M. Harris Scholarship
Arthur Haskell Estate Scholarship
Emma H. Hyam Scholarship
Dayton McClain Scholarship
Dorothy Opdyke Memorial Scholarship
Ramsey Memorial Scholarship
Ethel Ridgaway Scholarship
Effie Ritchie Scholarship
Ann Sharp Fund
George W. Townsend Scholarship

All majors will be considered for the scholarship—in keeping with the intent and restrictions of the individual scholarship funds that make up the Hardwick Scholarship Fund, the main selection criterion is the future plan of the student to enter the ministry or church vocation.

Students who already have an affiliation established with a church who intend to enter the ministry would be considered for this scholarship. Students need to identify where they plan to continue their ministry studies. An applicant must affirm to the University that he/she is preparing to study for the ministry or other religious vocations. This fund can also be used to recruit new students who desire to further their education at AU on their career path to the ministry. Applications will be accepted through the online application form below and require a detailed statement of purpose/intent in the application that outlines not why, but what the student wants to do with an AU education. The committee will evaluate the seriousness of the purpose/intent of the student to pursue the ministry. Consideration will be given to those who have a desire to pursue career opportunities within the broader ministry, not only as ordained clergy or church leaders.

Funds will be used for AU tuition only.

If you have questions or concerns after reading the materials below, please contact the Department of Philosophy and Religion: or 202-885-2925.

FINANCIAL AID NOTICE: The Office of Financial Aid would like to remind students that receipt of a donor-funded scholarship may affect previously awarded financial aid packages, work-study opportunities, and merit-awards. Before applying for a CAS donor-funded scholarship, please contact your financial aid counselor to determine how this may affect your award package.

Entries will be acknowledged via your AU e-mail immediately upon submission, and you will later receive a letter from the committee indicating whether or not you have been selected for the scholarship.