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CAS Undergraduate Advising
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Battelle Tompkins, Room 168

Moye, Christina Noami
Administrative Assistant

CAS Undergraduate Advising
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  • New language audit registration process is in effect beginning Spring 2015.
  • Audit requests prior to that date will not be considered.
  • For Summer 2015, potential auditors should not contact faculty members before April 1, 2015.
  • For Fall 2015, potential auditors should not contact faculty members before August 17, 2015.

1. Graduate students interested in auditing a foreign language course should consult the online schedule of classes for the semester desired:


2. Select the language and course level appropriate to your knowledge and prior study. If you are uncertain what your appropriate skill level is, the College recommends taking a placement exam. For more information please see:


3. Choose an open class section that fits your schedule. Since only classes with vacant seats will accept auditors, you are advised to check the schedule of classes enrollment monitor. Only classes listed on the schedule as "OPEN" are likely candidates for audit. In some cases, final determination of seat availability may not be able to be made until the end of the first week of the semester.


4. Print a copy of the university's Request for Registration Action Form: 

Bring it to the first meeting of the class you wish to audit. Introduce yourself to the instructor as a potential auditor and discuss the terms of auditing. (The instructor may require minimum standards of attendance and participation before authorizing you to audit his or her class.)


5. Availability of seats for graduate auditors in foreign language classes will be determined directly by the instructor after consulting the class roster. Students taking the course for academic credit are always given priority of place and potential auditors may be displaced for these students. The course instructor may decline your audit request for reasons such as if s/he determines there are not enough seats to admit additional students, if your language skill level is not appropriate for the course level. Except under special circumstances determined by the College, each class will be limited to two auditors per section.

If seats are available and your instructor agrees to allow you to audit, complete the relevant portions of the Registration Action Form including the semester and year of your audit. Complete the information on your full name, ID number, College/School, and degree program, as well as your email address for further contact.

Under Section 1, "Add a Course," fill out the full course and section number of the class you intend to audit. This includes the language prefix, the three-digit course number, and the full section number including any special designators. (For example, FREN-123-001 or ARAB-202-001HB.)

The "Credit Hours" value should always be marked "0" (zero). The "Grade Type" field should always be marked "L" (the code for audit).

Beneath the course number, write "Graduate Audit" clearly in large letters.

At the bottom of the form, print your name, sign, and date the form on the indicated line, then have your instructor do the same on the Instructor line.


6. You have three methods of completing your audit registration:

(a)  Convert your signed form to an electronic format and email it directly to

(b)  Bring the signed paper registration form to the AU Central Office, Asbury 201, for processing.

(c)  Bring the signed paper form to your professional graduate advisor or home registrar for processing.

Your language audit will appear on your schedule under a special course designation, LANGUAGE-025 (for example, FREN-025, SPAN-025, etc.), rather than its standard course number. This is done to ensure the discounted tuition is properly billed to your student account. Your instructor can confirm your registration when your name appears on the standard class roster. At the same time you should also gain access to the class's Blackboard site.


7.  Tuition and fees associated with language audits are billed directly to your existing student account and can be paid in the same methods used to pay your graduate tuition.

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