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Nondegree/Visiting Advising

Students who study at American University without formal admission are referred to as nondegree students. PLEASE NOTE: "Continuing Education" is now referred to as nondegree.

Nondegree students should request enrollment through the college or school at AU that offers the course(s). For a list of departments and programs in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), please see the CAS homepage. If you have any questions regarding the nondegree process in the College, please email Mike Galaviz at mgalav@american.edu or call 202-885-2439 or view the CAS Advising staff page for more information about a specific major.

For courses offered in one of the other 4 schools at American University, contact a graduate or undergraduate advisor at the following links:

School of Public Affairs (SPA)
School of International Service (SIS)
School of Communication (SOC)
Kogod School of Business (KSB)

Many nondegree students take advantage of the following AU programs:


You are eligible to study at American University at either the undergraduate or graduate level as long you meet all prerequisites or restrictions for the course as noted in the Schedule of Classes. Students admitted into a degree program at any other Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area schools are not permitted to take classes as a nondegree student. You must also be in good standing with any other college or university in which you are currently enrolled. Students suspended or dismissed from another institution during the past year are not eligible to enroll as nondegree students at AU. International students are not eligible for student visas under nondegree status.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

The Summer semester has various sessions.
(A) is the 7-week session beginning 12 May
(B) is the first 6-week session 19 May
(C) is a 3-week session beginning on 19 May
(D) is the second 6-week session beginning 30 June
(E) is the online session I beginning 12 May
(F) is online session II beginning 30 June

The Summer semester begins on Monday, 12 May. Registration for all students (graduate and undergraduate, new and returning) begins on 24 March and ends on 30 June. Payment for Summer tuition is due on 1 May or at the time of registration.

FALL 2014
The Fall semester begin on Monday, 25 August. Priority registration gives priority to admitted students and is in effect for the Fall. Tuition payments are due on 1 August. Fall registration ends on Friday, 22 August.

New Nondegree Graduate Students can register beginning Monday, 14 April. Returning Nondegree Graduate Students can register beginning 24 March.

New Undergraduate Students can register beginning 1 August. Returning Undergraduate Students can register based on their credit hours. See Registration Dates at the Registrar webpage.

Nondegree Student Enrollment

See the Schedule of Classes for a list of courses being offered. Once you find an open course that is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences, simply submit the nondegree information form located in the right margin. We recommend that you submit your form as soon as possible. The 2013-2014 Academic Calendar lists important dates and deadlines for your course so you should review it thoroughly. 

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you have taken a class as a non-degree student in the past, please email Mike Galaviz at mgalav@american.edu. Be sure to include your full name, AUID, the complete course number you're requesting. If there is a prerequisite listed on the Schedule of Classes, please be sure to note how you satisfy it by including the course information we would normally see on your transcript such as the complete course title and number, date taken, school and the grade you received.


Nondegree students pay the same tuition as admitted students no matter the grade type you choose, (i.e., A/F, Pass/Fail or Audit). Please see the AU Registrar for current tuition and fees. A typical 3 credit hour course will have a tuition around $4200, not including fees. Payment is made at the time you register for the course and can be done online using a checking or credit card or in person at AU Central located in Asbury 200.

Financial aid, grants and merit awards are not available for nondegree study. To qualify for financial aid, students must apply for admission.

Nondegree Information Form

This form is only for NEW nondegree students. If you've taken classes in nondegree status before, see the information for Returning Students on this page.

The College will need up to 5 business days to review your request. Within 5 business days, you should expect an email containing more information about how to register for the class online.

After submitting this form, look for an email receipt which will confirm we received your request and will ensure you entered your email address correctly.

Nondegree Information Form