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Spring Break Photo Competition, Part 2


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Photo 6: Northern Ireland & New York
Northern Ireland: Ellen Leoni took this photo outside the Carrickfergus Castle just outside Belfast. This picture was one of her favorites because it illustrates an important theme of the trip: segregation of the nationalist and unionist communities. Walls have been used to separate the communities and the image reminded her of the tremendous hope both communities in Belfast have for the peace process.

South Glens Falls, New York: Senior Cassie Passinault volunteered at South High’s Marathon Dance to raise money for organizations in need. Raffle ticket sales totaled more than $10,000 and the event overall raised more than $260,000. This is the third year that she returned to the event as an alumna to volunteer.

Photo 7: Cairo, Egypt
Stefanie Hong endured a 13 hour plane ride to visit her sister in Cairo. During the trip, she saw the Stepped Pryamids, The Great Pyramids of Giza, and the Great Sphinx. The Pyramid Light Show is a popular attraction for visitors. At the point in the show when the photo was taken, the Sphinx is stating that Pharoah Khafre has been immortalized forever by putting his own face on the statue that has a body of a lion.

Photo 8: Kissimmee, Florida
Katy Gore (CAS), Christine Rafiekian (SIS/SPA), Meaghan Archer (SIS/CAS), and Elizabeth Crowe (CAS) volunteered at Give Kids the World Village, which is a part of the Make a Wish Foundation. “Wish” children and their families who visit Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are provided complimentary food, housing, and park tickets. They were among the 6,000 volunteers who venture to the village every year to assist in its operation.

Photos 9-10: New Hampshire
Shaun Flynn went home for spring break and went on hiking trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The first picture is of Mt. Washington from atop Mt. Hale, and the second selections were taken from the trail on Sandwich Dome.

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