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Spring Break Photo Competition 2009


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Ever wonder where students end up over spring break? The College of Arts and Sciences Peer Advisors hosted a spring break photo contest to see where students chose to spend their time, whether it was traveling home or to a country they were visiting for the first time. As you can see from these photos, students traveled far and wide in the seven day break from school. Multiple students took advantage of the Alternative Break trips planned through the Community Service Center, which gave students an opportunity to help those in need while exploring a new environment.


Photos1-2: Mexico
Christina Gonsalves took these photos on an alternative spring break trip to Mexico. The metro scene is from Mexico City and the graffiti image is from the Central Valley Region of Oaxaca. Read more about her trip in AU Today.

Photo 3: Knoxville, Tennessee
Lauren Allen traveled with seven other AU students to a program called Mountain Justice Spring Break in Appalachia. They learned about Mountain Top Removal, renewable energy, and on the last day of the trip participated in a protest outside the Tennessee Valley Authority Headquarters to urge the organization to become more environmentally safe.

Photos 4-5: Negril, Jamaica
Lucia Campero spent her spring break exploring Jamaica. While on a road trip to the east coast of the island, she met a restaurant owner who taught her about the "reggae" way of life while preparing traditional food.

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