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Anthropology | Faculty Research Interests

Richard Dent

Prehistoric and historic archaeology, the origins of settled village life, and the incorporation of horticulture into subsistence bases after AD 1200


Dolores Koenig

Development-caused forced displacement and resettlement in urban areas with a focus on new infrastructure projects in West Africa and Asia

William Leap

Public anthropology; language, sexuality, ideology, and globalization; and lesbian, gay, transgender studies

Bryan McNeil

Social and community activism surrounding mountaintop removal coal mining

Adrienne Pine

Violence, migration, gender, health care, technology & the body, political economy, labor justice, human rights, drug and alcohol studies in the United States, Central America, Mexico, Korea, Egypt

Daniel Sayers

Political economy, landscapes, alienation, disaporae and exile, labor and commodities, defiance and resistance, animal rights, community systems and structure, capitalist transformations and transitions, and historical archaeology as public and political praxis

Nina Shapiro-Perl

Television and video production

Edward Smith

Civil rights movement, minorities in education, American Civil War, African American history, community organization, urban policy

Sue Taylor

Aging, ethnographic research methods, aging, oral history, and urban anthropology

David Vine

U.S. foreign policy and human rights, militarization, forced displacement, indigenous peoples' rights, race and ethnicity, gentrification, urban anthropology, ethnographic writing

Rachel Watkins

Biological and social history of African Americans living in the 19th and 20th century urban US, health consequences of poverty, and inequality through skeletal and documentary data analysis

Brett Williams

American culture and folklore, credit and debt, urban life, gentrification and displacement, homelessness, poverty, politics and family values, environmental justice, and the history and culture of Washington D.C.