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Greetings and welcome to the electronic portal for the Department of Anthropology at American University! Our department offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the latter including both master’s and doctoral study. Accompanying links on this website will provide you with detailed information on all these opportunities, but I would like to draw special attention to our new cooperative master’s program with the Peace Corps, and to our five year BA/MA program that lets undergraduates move more quickly toward a graduate degree.

On all levels, department faculty specialize in issues of race, gender, and social justice as well as on both archaeology and biological anthropology. One of the most amazing aspects of all our programs is their location – Washington, D.C. Both the university and our department are thus oriented toward helping you take full advantage of the city and the unprecedented resources it offers in terms of practical learning, research, internships, and employment opportunities. We are housed in Hamilton Hall in a quiet corner of a peaceful and welcoming campus, and all the resources of the capital city are just a Metro ride away. In addition, students are supported by our college, the College of Arts & Sciences, offering additional assistance through competitive funding for collaborative undergraduate/faculty research projects, graduate research funding, and support for travel to professional conferences or out of town research venues.

Please contact me directly or touch base with the appropriate faculty member here if you have more questions in regard to study in our program or would like to chat or arrange a visit. Thanks for checking us out. Blessings to all.

With best wishes,
Chap Kusimba
Chair of Department


2015 Public Anthropology Conf. 
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2016 Lavender Languages Conf.
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Journal of Lang & Sexuality
Second issue: Journal of Language and Sexuality (from John Benjamins Publishing)