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Lavender Languages | 2010 Plenaries

Music, Memory, and Performance:
The Intersection of Queer Seduction within Ranchera Music

Special presentation by Gibran Guido (San Diego State U)


The Spirit Talks Back: Coming Out in a Black Queer Pentecostal Church

Ellen Lewin 
Professor, Department of Anthropology,
University of Iowa


Queer Visibilities: Space, Identity and Interaction in Cape Town, South Africa

Andrew Tucker
Lecturer, Department of Geography, 
University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Tucker’s research uses life story narratives, archival data and other ethnographic and historical resources to (in Jon Binnie’s words) “provide a theoretically sophisticated examination of the interconnected politics of class and race in the production of sexualized space within contemporary Cape Town.” His work joins other projects that show how North Atlantic assumptions about “the closet” and “outness” do not yield meaningful translations in other arenas of the global circuit. Dr. Tucker’s talk explores these themes, and asks us to think about what “queer” might mean in contexts where legacies of  social inequality continue to upstage equal opportunities in sexual citizenship.


Roundtable: Engaging Queer Visibilities

Carlos Ulises Decena (Rutgers U)
Katie Acosta (Tulane U)
Salvador Vidal- Ortiz (American U)
Andrew Tucker (U Cambridge)
Ellen Lewin (U Iowa)
William Leap (American U)