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Public Anthropology Conference 2016

Creating Dialogues between
Social Movements & Academia

13th Annual Public Anthropology Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the 13th Annual Public Anthropology Conference! We had a memorable weekend with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members gathering together to explore opportunities for collaboration between academia and social movements of all kinds to advance movements and related forms of advocacy and activism.

Participants and audience members engaged in dialogues and shared insights about the concrete ways in which activists and academics can strengthen collaborative efforts to combat social inequalities and injustice, discrimination and oppression, and violations of basic human rights. Taking place just weeks before the U.S. presidential election amid a dramatic rise in social movement activism in recent years, the conference provided a space to self-critically reflect on the contributions of and relationship between academia and movements. Sessions included topics such as anthropology and health care, minority solidarity, grassroots organizing and community activism, labor and organizing, advocating for the environment, U.S. military tactics, historical oppression, subsistence fishing, language in social movements and the academy, and the movement to end gun violence.

A special keynote roundtable discussion on Saturday, October 8th featured guest speakers Marcia Chatelain and Elizabeth Banach with moderator Angela Stuesse discussing their views on the Black Lives Matter movement and the movement to end gun violence.

We look forward to seeing everyone at future PACs at American University!

Public Anthropology Conference 2016 Flyer

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