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Feminist Art History Conference 2012

Third Annual Feminist Art History Conference

Janalee Emmer addresses panel at Feminist Art History conference at American University.

Janalee Emmer of Ohio Wesleyan University addresses one of the 14 panels at AU's third annual feminist art history conference. (Photo: Jeff Watts)

Thanks to all, including keynote speaker Whitney Chadwick, our participating scholars, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts staff, who helped make the third annual conference such a success.

Notes From the 2012 Conference

Dean Peter Starr addressed the conference attendees, saying “Not only do you come from across the United States; many of you come from across the globe. This is extraordinary. We have half again as many papers this year as the first year. Three years in, the Feminist Art History Conference is only getting better and better and better.” 

In 2012, sixty papers were presented in fourteen sessions, and they covered a wide array of topics as suggested by a few panel titles: “Constructing and Deconstructing Gender in the 19th Century” (modern European), “Global/Local Identities” (contemporary), “Women’s Agency: Convent and Palace” (premodern), “Identity, Resistance, Reinterpretation” (American),” and “Sexual Politics and the Politics of Sexuality” (modern European). 

The panels featured scholars from as far away as China, Portugal, Israel, Germany, Serbia, the Czech Republic, England, and Canada as well a number of independent and university scholars from institutions including Rutgers, the University of Virginia, the University of Alabama–Birmingham, the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, and American University.

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November 9-11, 2012
Katzen Arts Center
American University
Washington, DC

Sponsored by the Art History Program, Department of Art, College of Arts and Sciences at American University

Organizing Committee:
Kathe Albrecht
Juliet Bellow
Norma Broude
Kim Butler
Mary D. Garrard
Namiko Kunimoto
Helen Langa
Andrea Pearson

Feminist Art History Confererence at American University, 2013

Art History Feminist Conference 2012

Art History Feminist Conference 2012

Art History Feminist Conference 2012

Art History Feminist Conference 2012: Broude and Garrard

Art History Feminist Conference 2012

Art History Feminist Conference 2012