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  • Katzen Arts Center


    Grounding in the
    practice, application,
    and theory of art

  • Graphic Design Program
  • Katzen Arts Center

    Art History

    Students benefit from the diverse
    resources of the Katzen Arts Center,
    AU Museum, and visual resource collections

  • Art World?Humor

    Art World

    AU's Fall Art Colloquia bucked
    the "stiff and serious" stereotype
    by diving into art's lighter side.??

  • Professor Don Kimes


    Learn more about
    the Art Department
    faculty. (Shown:
    Professor Don Kimes)

The Department of Art at American University encompasses the creative activities of the fine arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and multimedia; the artistic applications of design; and theoretical and historical concerns of art history. We offer degree programs in art history, graphic design, and studio art, as well as a an array of elective courses.

Arts at AU Mission

We provide students with the tools to understand the historical and contemporary criteria for the making of art works; foster rigorous and unique investigation; promote an environment of enthusiasm, dedication, and intensive effort; and prepare students for careers in the arts.