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Multimedia Resources @ American University

Whether you are putting together a slide presentation, creating a video assignment, or working on your film thesis, there are a host of resources available at AU to both students and faculty. One drawback is that these resources are scattered across campus—in the library, in the New Media Center, in the School of Communication. Now, there is a webpage which provides one central location for information about all multimedia production resources at AU:

  • Looking for a Mac lab? The webpage has information about the main multimedia labs on campus, their hours, facilities, and restrictions.
  • Trying to find a specific application? The webpage has a matrix of what software is available in each of the major labs. It also lists which version of each application is available so you don’t get caught by incompatibility problems.
  • Looking to borrow a tripod to shoot your video assignment? A list of circulating hardware is included on the webpage as well as user manuals for cameras, audio recorders and, yes, tripods.
  • Just getting started? The webpage has information about software specific training sessions held in the multimedia labs. There are also links to comprehensive online training sites like and AdobeTV.

You can also find the the link to the Multimedia Resources @ AU webpage from the AU Training Opportunities pages and from the Library Media Services pages.