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Arts Management | Master's Program

MA in Arts Management

Degree Requirements

  • 39 credit hours of approved graduate work
  • Advancement to candidacy on completing 12 to 18 credit hours with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher, removing any undergraduate deficiencies, and with the written recommendation of the student’s faculty advisor 
  • A four-hour comprehensive examination covering three areas: arts management, and two areas of specialization 
  • 6 credit hours from one of the following with grades of B or better: Non-thesis option: PERF-702 Masters Portfolio Seminar and PERF-793 Directed Research in the Arts or thesis option: PERF-797 Master's Thesis Seminar

Course Requirements

  • PERF-570 Survey of Arts Management (3) 
  • PERF-571 Marketing in the Arts (3) 
  • PERF-580 Cultural Policy and the Arts (3) 
  • PERF-673 Fund Raising Management for the Arts (3) 
  • PERF-674 Financial Management in the Arts (3)
  • PERF-675 Governance and Board Development (3)
  • PERF-691 Performing Arts: Internship (3)
  • 6 credit hours from the following: 
  • PERF-702 Masters Portfolio Seminar (1-6) 
  • PERF-793 Directed Research in the Arts (1-6)
  • PERF-794 Literature and Proposal Writing (2)
  • PERF-795 Research and Writing (1)
  • PERF-797 Master’s Thesis Seminar (1-6)
  • PERF-798 Seminar in Arts Management (2)
  • 3 credit hours in approved arts-related nonmanagerial courses 
  • 9 credit hours in approved elective courses including business administration, communication, and public administration. Approved elective courses have included: Cultural Leadership, The Art of Producing, Performing Arts Management, Curatorial Practice, Museum Management, Museums and Society, Museums and Ethics, Arts Management in Diverse Communities, Arts Enterprise, Grantwriting, Arts Programming, Legal Issues in the Arts, Arts Education, Technology in Fundraising, Technology and Marketing the Arts, International Cultural Management, and International Cultural Policy.