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1996 Theses

Thesis Title The Anthems and Service Music of Amy Beach Published by the Arthur P. Schmidt Company
Author Buchanan, Elizabeth Moore
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7914
Search Terms Beach H.H.A Mrs.
Choral Music- US
Church Music- Episcopal Church
Women composers
Music- New England 19th Century


Thesis Title The Carlisle Project: Affecting Change in the World of Dance
Author Farrell, Jennifer M.
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7863
Search Terms Carlisle Project
Choreography- United States
Choreographers- United States


Thesis Title The Impact of Interactive Technologies on the Arts
Author McCallum, Michelle D
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7873
Search Terms Technology and the arts
Arts- Management
Music and technology
art and technology
intellectual property- United States
Copyright and electronic data processing- United States


Thesis Title The Karamu Community Banking Center: A Public- Private Partnership
Author Ott, Janelle Marie
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7864
Search Terms Karamu Community Banking Center
Karamu House
Public- Private Sector cooperation


Thesis Title Integrating the Arts into the Preschool Learning Environment
Author Piersol, Kristen A
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7887
Search Terms Arts- study and teaching (preschool)
Education, preschool
early childhood education- curricula


Thesis Title Who owns the Native American heritage : the unresolved issue of the repatriation of Native American sacred and cultural patrimony
Author Sloane, Phoebe R
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7920
Search Terms cultural property- repatriation- United States
cultural property- protection- moral and ethical aspects
Museums- law and legislation- United States


Thesis Title Ghana, Morocco, and the United States: A Cross- Cultural Communication Study
Author Uzzell, Sunda B
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7926
Search Terms intercultural communication
sister cities
communication and culture
Chicago (Ill.)- relations- case studies
Accra (Ghana)- Relations- case studies
Casablanca (Morocco)- relations- case studies


Thesis Title Should the teaching of arts administration principles be a part of a music performance undergraduate student's curriculum?
Author Westin, Martha Stubbins
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7805
Search Terms Arts- management- study and teaching- Washington DC
Music- Instruction and study- Washington DC
career education- Washington DC
Universities and Colleges- Curricula


Thesis Title Dance in Light: A Career Documentation of Choreographer Dana Reitz
Author Willmot, Timothy J.
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7804
Search Terms Reitz, Dana
Modern Dance
Choreographers- Biography
Dancers- Biography
Stage Lighting


Thesis Title Can We Save Downtown?: Revitalization Through the Arts: Developing a Community Cultural Plan for North Little Rock, Arkansas
Author Wood, Debra S.
Year 1996
Library Thesis Number 7782
Search Terms Art and Society- Arkansas
North Little Rock, (Ark)- cultural policy
Arkansas- Cultural Policy


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