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Arts Management
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Arts Management
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1998 Theses

Thesis Title Self-sustainment of partnerships between arts organizations and schools : Arts Plus initiative program
Author Kern, Angela R
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8077
Search Terms National Endowment for the Arts
Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts (VA)
Arts- study and teaching-United States
Federal aid to the arts- United States


Thesis Title Revitializing Community through Dance
Author Kidd, Brooke
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8124
Search Terms dance-social aspects- United States
Community Development, Urban- Maryland- Mount Rainier
Dance-study and teaching- United States
Arts and society- United States


Thesis Title Erick Hawkins: Choreographic Analysis
Author Lee, Hsiao- Fang
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8108
Search Terms Hawkins, Erick
Choreography- United States- biography
Dancers- United States- Biography
Modern Dance- United States- History


Thesis Title Lincoln Center Institute: Multiple Intelligences Theory and Arts Education
Author Ma, Alice
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8089
Search Terms Gardner, Howard
Lincoln Center Institute
Multiple intelligences
arts- study and teaching- United States


Thesis Title Higher Education Institutions as Arts Presenters: The Mission and the Market
Author Marcinkowski, Debora Beth
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8080
Search Terms art centers- United States- Case studies
performing arts sponsorship- United States
Arts- study and teaching (higher)- United States
Arts- management
arts- marketing


Thesis Title The American Art Museum: Management Versus Artistic Values in Transitition
Author Punsalan, Elizabeth C.
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number 8600
Search Terms art museums
art museum curators
art museums directors


Thesis Title Expanding the San Juan Children's Choir Funding Base: Beginning from an Organizational Development Perspective
Author Tully, Lorraine Villanueva
Year 1998
Library Thesis Number non-thesis
Search Terms  


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