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Arts Management Thesis Archive


Arts Management
Fax: 202-885-1092
Katzen Arts Center, Room 215

Ximena Varela
Program Director

Arts Management
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

2014 Theses

Maggie Baillie
Civic Transformation and Resident Empowerment Through the Arts

Markita Brooks
Art By Life Pieces: An Earned Income Strategy for Life Pieces to Masters

Taylor Craig
International Cultural Exchange Programs: The Curious Relationship Between Program Design and Impact

Yolanda Davis
"Having It All": Mothers in Performing Arts Management and the Use of Work-Life Policies

Sarah Durkee
Back to Basics: Nurturing People and Building a Culture of Resilience in 21st Century American Art Museums

Stephanie Hollingsworth
Patron Participation in Performing Arts Centers: A Study of Digital Fan Engagement in Professional Sports

Dominique Lopes
Federal Departments and the Cultural Policies They Pursue

Heather Koslov
Embedded Festivals: A Micro-Application of Sustainable Festival Practices for U.S. Performing Arts Organizations

Chris Merkle
Building the Modern American Orchestra: Significant Literature on Major Aspects of the Orchestra Business Model in the United States

Jamie McCrary
The Philosophical Underpinnings of U.S. Music Education in the Public Schools: A Historical Perspective

Josh Midgett
The Cultural Capacity of the Cruise: Exploring the Relationship Between Cruise and Cultural Tourism

Erin Mitchell
The Impact of Dance Festivals on the American Contemporary Dance Community: A Case Study of the Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival

Shannon Musgrave
New Play Development in the United States: How its study Impacts its Evolution

Tessa Raden
Play with Purpose: The Impact of Drama-Based Programming on Cognitive Development and Academic Achievement in Children Ages 2-10 in the United States

Mandee Ferrier Roberts
Co-Producing Engagement: Adult and Child Audiences of Pumpkin Theatre

Kaitlin Whitman
The Role of Documentary Film Festivals: A Stakeholder Perspective

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