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Artful Maneuvering

Blair Bailey fuses her academic interests in the hard sciences and the fine arts by studying art conservation.

Jack Rasmussen

Carving a Niche

American University Museum director and curator Jack Rasmussen discusses the museum's five-year evolution.

AU Museum entrance

The Museum’s Muse

No one knew what the AU Museum would be when it opened in 2005—Jack Rasmussen brought it to life.

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Today's Events Apr 25

  1. Elzbieta Sikorska: Time Stands Still

  2. ESCAPE: Foon Sham

  3. Frida Larios: Maya Alphabet of Modern Times

  4. Green Machine: The Art of Carlos Luna

  5. Sharon Wolpoff and Tammra Sigler: Geometry and Other Myths

  6. Summerford Legacy

Coming Soon

  1. Yoga in the Galleries

  2. Elzbieta Sikorska: Time Stands Still

  3. ESCAPE: Foon Sham

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