CSN Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Mark Laubach Professor CAS - Biology

I am a neurobiologist interested in how groups of neurons work together to process information. My research has focused on the frontal cortex and basal ganglia and their roles in executive control and


  (202) 885-2116

Lab Members

  • Linda Amarante
    Graduate Student, BCAN
    Project: Subjective Value and the Medial Prefrontal Cortex
    Techniques: Behavior, Reversible Inactivations, Optogenetics, Multi-Electrode Recording
  • Hannah Goldbach
    Undergraduate Student
    Project: Fluorescent Microscopy and Imaging
  • Kyra Swanson
    Graduate Student, BCaN
    Projects: Medial Prefrontal Cortex and the Control of Consummatory Behavior
    Techniques: Chemogenetics, behavior
  • Samantha White
    Undergraduate Student
    Project: 3D Printed Brains and Comparative Neuroanatomy

CSN Alumni


  • Marcelo Caetano
  • Artur Luczak
  • Marc Parent

Graduate Students:

  • Nicole Horst
  • Eyal Kimchi
  • Kumar Narayanan

Visiting Graduate Students:

  • Trevor Bekolay
  • Lydia Kalafateli
  • Parina Outhensackda

Undergraduate Students:

  • Ben Liu
  • Linda Harenberg
  • Michael Preston
  • Kati Rothenhoefer
  • Kim Stachenfeld
  • Rachel Webster
  • Damian Weikum
  • Yixing Xu