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Biology | Research & Facilities Gallery

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Facilities Overview

The department hosts facilities that provide the campus with equipment to facilitate basic and advanced research in the biological sciences. Located in Hurst Hall, these shared facilities enable investigations of molecular genetics and gene expression, histological tissue preparation, digital photomicroscopy, and imaging.

Molecular Biology Core Facility

  • Agilent Mx3000P qPCR system
  • Nanoscale spectrophotometer
  • Ultralow-temperature freezer

Digital Imaging Core Facility 

  • UVP multispectral imaging system for gel documentation
  • Olympus BX61 compound microscope with motorized stage, Hamamatsu C8484 high-resolution digital camera, fluorescent light source, and MetaMorph software for image analysis
  • Olympus SZX16 dissecting microscope equipped with both Hamamatsu C8484 and Olympus DP72 (color) cameras, fluorescent light source, and MetaMorph software.
  • Olympus CK30 inverted microscope equipped for microinjection