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MS in Professional Science: Biotechnology

American University’s master’s degree in biotechnology combines coursework in genomics and business management with the option of pursing study in neuroscience or public policy. This curriculum provides students with the tools necessary for careers in: 

  • Biotechnology Industry
  • Genome Research Institutions
  • Government regulatory agencies 

Students gain core competencies in statistics and research methods while acquiring hands on experience with a compulsory internship and research capstone. 

Students will master topics in genomics, proteomics, neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology, and business management. Students can also choose among electives depending on their interests and career goals. 

The goal of this program is for students to gain knowledge and skills in scientific innovation in preparation to enter and excel within the professional science workforce.

MS Biotechnology Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • 36 credit hours of approved graduate work 
  • Tool of research: analytical courses (see Course Requirements, below) 
  • One written comprehensive examination 
  • Capstone Experience: 6 credit hours in 600-level courses as approved by a faculty advisor, with grades of B or better 
  • Students participate in noncredit workshops and seminars on professional skills and current issues in science and technology. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in these areas as part of the capstone project, internship, and compulsory presentation. 

Course Requirements


  • BIO-585 Bioinformatics (3)
  • BIO-587 Genomics (3)
  • BIO-589 Biotechnology (3)
  • STAT-514 Statistical Methods (3) 

Internship and Capstone Project (6 credit hours)

  • BIO-691 Internship (3)
  • BIO-690 Independent Study Project in Biology (3)

Entrepreneurship and Business Skills (9 credit hours)

  • MGMT-600 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3)
  • MGMT-661 Entrepreneurship Practicum: New Venture Business Plan (3)
  • 3 credits from the following:
  • FIN-630 Financial Analysis: Concepts and Applications (3)
  • MGMT-611 Change and Innovation (3)
  • MGMT-633 Leading People and Organizations (3)
  • MKTG-632 Understanding the Marketplace and Consumer (3)

Electives (9 credit hours)

  • 9 credit hours from the following:
  • BIO-501 Mechanisms of Pathogenesis (3)
  • BIO-505 Introduction to Neurobiology (3)
  • BIO-541 Cellular Immunology (3)
  • BIO-566 Evolutionary Mechanisms (3)
  • BIO-583 Molecular Biology (3)
  • CHEM-560 Biochemistry I (3)
  • CHEM-561 Biochemistry II (3)
  • CHEM-565 Introduction to Proteomics (3)


Career Paths

Clinical research associate
Laboratory technician
Pharmaceutical sales
Policy analyst