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Biology | Research Labs: Angelini, Decicco, Connaughton

Dr. David Angelini on Evolution & Development

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In Great Experiments Lab (Bio 100), students are helping Dr. David Angelini find out how the genes that control the lengths of the antennae and beaks in the milkweed bug may change with artificial selection.

Dr. Katie Decicco on Cancer Cell Mitosis

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In the General Biology I Mitosis Lab, students learn how cells can divide abnormally.  Dr. Decicco-Skinner is trying to identify factors which regulate cell division and become affected as cells transform into cancer.

Dr. Vikki Connaughton on the Zebrafish Visual System Model

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In General Biology II Lab, students set up experiments to study the affects of environmental conditions on zebrafish development based on Dr. Connaughton's use of the zebrafish visual system model.