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Bishop C.C. McCabe Lecture Series



Mimi Fittig
College Director of Special Events

Please tell us what you think! We want to make this lecture series better. If you have any suggestions for future lectures, please email fittig@american.edu.

Linda Daly

Linda Daly

Bishop Charles Cardwell McCabe embodies the spirit of American University's founders. McCabe, Vice Chancellor and Chancellor of the university from 1899-1902, dreamt of an educational system unlike that of any other university of its time. He believed in building a lasting future for AU and began the first successful fundraising campaign with his call to action, "Five dollars each, from one million people," to foster the new university.

Under Bishop McCabe's leadership, American University's second building was constructed: the McKinley Memorial Building, created in honor of United States President William McKinley. McCabe himself laid the cornerstone for the building.

The Bishop C.C. McCabe Lecture Fund

The Bishop C.C. McCabe Lecture Fund was established by the Board of Trustees in 1907 in memory of the Bishop and through his generous bequest to the College of Arts and Sciences. Although these funds help to offset the costs of producing the lecture series, they do not fully support its needs.

If you are interested in making a gift in support of the Bishop C.C. McCabe Lecture Series, please contact Dave Wiemer (wiemer@american.edu, 202-885-2986), Assistant Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences, or make your gift online.

Bishop McCabe's legacy can still be felt today. The Bishop McCabe Fund was established in 1906 through a bequest in the Bishop's will to create a lecture series in the College of Arts and Sciences. Today, the Bishop C.C. McCabe Lecture Series features prominent faculty members, notable alumni, and distinguished scholars from all disciplines within the College.

2013-14 McCabe Lecture Series

Linda Daly, "The Problem and Pleasures of Writing from Life"
Sept. 19

Nina Tandon
March 27

Nina Tandon
Nina Tandon