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CHASA 2012


Shana Klein

American University Museum from Katzen Rotunda
Katzen Art Center

American Studies in the World

The 2012 meeting of Chesapeake American Studies Association, hosted by the American Studies Program at American University, Washington, DC.


2012 Theme and Presentations

Preliminary Conference Program now available

This year’s meeting theme, “American Studies in the World,” focuses on transnational relations as well as on local resistance, community organizing and scholar activism.

This refers to scholarly investigations of current or historical transnational processes such as immigration, colonialism, tourism, trade, and other global interactions with the United States. It also invokes the political concerns of many American Studies scholars who study or engage in community activism within the region. American Studies has in the past also increasingly focused on everyday culture and quotidian ways in which we engage with the world and that define us as citizens and as embodied, sexual, gendered and racialized subjects. In discussing these ongoing major trends in American Studies, the symposium centers the perspectives of historically marginalized groups as it investigates where American Studies is currently situated and where it is heading. 

Please also note that we will award the best graduate student paper a $100 prize.

Screening of The Red Lantern

The symposium will end with a rare screening of The Red Lantern, a silent film from 1919, thought to be lost since the 1920s, and recently rediscovered in a Belgian vault. This film reveals the ambivalence that European Americans felt towards the Chinese in the early twentieth century. It will be introduced by curator Krystyn Moon (University of Mary Washington), who was one of the scholars who restored the film.


March 10, 2012

Katzen Arts Center
(Free weekend parking)
American University
Washington, DC

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CHASA 2012 conference at American University