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Chemistry | BS

Chemistry BS

Chemistry BS Program

BS in Chemistry

Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition of materials, their structures and properties the transformations they undergo, and the energy changes that accompany these transformations.

The chemistry bachelor of science degree program prepares students for a wide range of chemistry related careers and further graduate study in chemistry, medical school, or engineering. Chemistry BS students study general, organic, physical, analytical, and inorganic chemistry, as well as biochemistry, calculus, quantitative analysis, and earth science.

Approved by the American Chemical Society, the department offers numerous research opportunities and close mentorship throughout the program. Laboratory facilities in the Beeghly Building include modern teaching and research laboratories and specialized laboratories for research in bio-chemistry, polymer chemistry, and carbohydrate chemistry, for example. Chemistry students are involved in a variety of research projects using the facilities of the department or at many world-renowned research labs in the Washington, D.C. area through an internship, independent study, or a cooperative education work-study program.

Students interested in obtaining teaching credentials for grades 7-12 may take a 36-credit hour second major in secondary education or combine their undergraduate degree with a master’s of teaching degree in secondary education.

“Crack”-ing the Cocaine Case

As a forensic chemistry intern at the DEA, Micheala Harper is learning to analyze illegal substances.

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