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Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Minor

Minor in Chemistry

A chemistry minor offers students a way to complement and enhance their major, while receiving valuable training in general and organic chemistry. Students take 25 credit hours of coursework with a foundation in general and organic chemistry. The chemistry minor allows students to select 8 credit-hours of electives to tailor the coursework to their interests. Completing a minor makes an undergraduate degree more appealing to potential employers and further prepares students for graduate school.


Course Requirements

  • CHEM-110 General Chemistry I (4) 
  • CHEM-210 General Chemistry II (4) 
  • CHEM-310 Organic Chemistry I (3) 
  • CHEM-312 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1) 
  • CHEM-320 Organic Chemistry II (3) 
  • CHEM-322 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1) 
  • 9 credit hours from the following with the approval of the department chair: 
  • CHEM-410 Biophysical Chemistry (3) 
  • CHEM-460 Instrumental Analysis (3) 
  • CHEM-510 Advanced Physical Chemistry (3) 
  • CHEM-540 Advanced Analytical Chemistry (3)
  • CHEM-550 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)
  • CHEM-560 Biochemistry I (3) 
  • CHEM-561 Biochemistry II (3) 
  • CHEM-571 Experimental Biological Chemistry I (3)
  • CHEM-572 Experimental Biological Chemistry II (3)
  • CHEM-581 Experimental Chemistry I (3)

Faculty Research

Chemistry professor Matt Hartings researches the uses of metals in medicine.

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