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CLEAR | TOR Resources | GERMAN

1.  The best preparation for the exam is to read articles in major German newspapers and publications as frequently as possible. Here are some options: 

If you want to tackle newspaper articles directly, the ReadLang Web Reader ( ) can be very helpful.

2.  If you need a structural review, here are also some books you can try:

3. If your grasp of the grammar is good, we suggest the following online resources to increase your vocabulary and overall proficiency: 

  • You can get started by getting an Online Diagnostic Assessment (ODA) here: (You'll need to create a free account). The ODA system will let you know where you are (you are shooting for a 1+/2) and will select custom materials to get you there. 
  • There are also around 49 reading lessons freely available from the Defense Language Institute's GLOSS: