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2011 Spring Issue

Features, Spring 2011

Justice for All
History professor Richard Breitman's report on declassified intelligence documents

Mixed Messages
Audio Tech undergrad John Geraghty interning with Kreeger studio designer

Out of Print
Economist Jeremiah Dittmar's new take on the impact of the printing press

Power Surge
AU research getting a boost from new supercomputer

Beethoven's Last Sonatas
Musician in residence Yuliya Gorenman's grand finale

Queering Shakespeare
Literature professor Madhavi Menon reinterpreting the Bard

Reclaiming a Legacy
Norma Broude and Mary Garrard honored at feminist art history conference

The Pathologist's Paradox
Alum Josh Sickel using art to make sense of science

Unearthing Secrets of the Great Dismal
Anthropologist Dan Sayers continuing his swamp landscape study