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Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience


Contact information

Please direct inquiries about the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience to:

Terry L. Davidson
Director, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Asbury 334
4400 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20016

Bernadette Storey-Laubach

Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Royal Gethers

Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Psychology
4400 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20016

Events & Activities

Special Lectures in
Behavioral Neuroscience

The center will sponsor a special topics seminar course titled “Special Lectures in Behavioral Neuroscience.” This graduate level course identifies important contemporary problems or “hot topics” in behavioral neuroscience research. As a means of expanding the educational opportunities for students, preference is given to topics that are not represented among the current faculty at AU. Scientists (3-4) from the world over who are doing the most interesting and exciting work on the topic will supply the students with reading lists. The “special lecturers” will be chosen that approach the problem at different levels of analysis (e.g., molecular, neuroanatomical, physiological, behavioral). For each special lecturer, an AU faculty member will serve as a facilitator for discussion of the assigned papers during the 3-4 week period prior to when a given speaker arrives on campus to lead the seminar. The visiting lecturers are hosted by the students in the seminar. Faculty other than the facilitator(s) will not attend the seminar when the special lecturers lead the class. However, during their visit to campus, the special lecturers will be asked to give a public colloquium that can be attended by anyone in university community.


Journal Club

In conjunction with the behavior, cognition, and neuroscience (BCaN) graduate training program, the center will coordinate a weekly meeting for graduate students and faculty in which a different participant each week selects a recent paper that all meeting attendees will read and discuss. For most meetings, empirical papers will be discussed that investigate the effects of neural or physiological manipulations on measures of behavioral outcomes.


Annual Center Retreat

All members of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience will be invited to an annual retreat. One purpose of the retreat is to provide members with the opportunity to present their research findings and ideas with a special emphasis on identifying areas of overlap or synergy that could be the basis for collaboration. A second purpose is to report center activities and plans to the membership for their review and evaluation.

AU Symposium on
Behavioral Neuroscience

During the years when the Special Lectures course is not offered, the center will initiate a biennial international symposium. The symposium will focus on a topical issue that is related to one or more of the themes of the center. The world’s leading researchers on the issue will be identified and will be invited to join scientists from the center to present their most exciting and recent work. Each participant will be asked to prepare manuscript that describes their symposium presentation. These manuscripts will comprise the proceedings of the symposium which will be published in a peer-reviewed, international journal.