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Contact information

Please direct inquiries about the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience to:

Terry L. Davidson
Director, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Asbury 334
4400 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20016

Bernadette Storey-Laubach

Coordinator, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience storeyla@american.edu

Royal Gethers

Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Psychology
4400 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20016


Advisory Committee

Terry L. Davidson: Director
Stefano Costanzi
Kathleen Gunthert
Alison Presley
Colin Saldanha
Arthur Shapiro
Catherine Stoodley

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Center for Behavioral Neuroscience


The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, established in 2012, creates a unique interdisciplinary research and training environment that promotes excellence in the study of brain function and its manifestation in behavior. Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the center strives to support neuroscience research efforts and promote collaborative interactions among neuroscientists as well as scientists from other disciplines. The center also provides core research facilities for neuroscience research faculty and scientists from other disciplines.  

Our Vision 

We envision the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience as an externally-funded and self-sustaining center that integrates psychology, biology, neuroanatomy, and physiology with chemistry, physics and mathematics to advance understanding of the cognitive, emotional, sensory, and regulatory functions that underlie the behavior of both humans and animals. The center will bring together experts from these and other disciplines in a setting where students, faculty, and other research professionals work collaboratively to generate new ideas, methods, and concepts.

Research & Training 

The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience supports the training goals of faculty and students in a number of undergraduate and graduate programs. These programs include behavior, cognition, and neuroscience (BCaN), biology, chemistry, and clinical psychology. Faculty and graduate student members of the center from each of these disciplines participate in a wide range of projects aimed at understanding the interrelationships between the brain and behavior. In addition, while not a degree-granting entity, the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience sponsors activities such as special courses, symposia, and off-campus training opportunities that enhance the educational experience for students at American University.

Bulletins & Events

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience Summer Symposia:

Dr. Matthew Roesch, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Maryland will present, "Neural Correlates of Reward-Guided Decision Making". June 16th, 11am-12pm, SIS Founders Room

Dr. Joseph Cheer, Associate Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine will present, "Endogenous Cannabinoids and the Pursuit of Reward". July 14th, 11am-12pm, MGC 245

Dr. James Gnadt, Program Director, NIH/NINDS, will present, "The NIH BRAIN Initiative and the Neurosciences at NIH". August 4th, 11am-12pm, TBA

A special issue of the Journal Appetite, The Proceedings of the American University Symposium on Childhood Obesity and Cognition, has been accepted for publication. This special issue features articles by Center Director Dr. Terry Davidson, post-doctoral fellow Dr. Sara Hargrave, graduate students Camille Sample and Sabrina Jones, as well as Center Members Dr. Sarah Irvine-Belson and Dr. Anastasia Snelling.

The Center's Annual Retreat was held on Wednesday, June 3rd. Thanks to everyone that participated in this highly successful event!

The Center hosted the 4th Annual Meeting on the Computational Properties of the Prefrontal Cortex at American University on May 15th-17th.


Art Shapiro interviewed on The Science behind the "Dress" article and NBC News.

Terry Davidson Radio Interview: The "Obese Brain" on the Kojo Nnamdi Show



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