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DARPA Sheaves Tutorial


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Tuesday–Wednesday, August 25–26 at AU's Katzen Arts Center
Please see agenda details below. Lectures begin at 9:15 both days with on-site registration 8:00-­9:00, Tuesday.

Live Streaming:

Tutorial Datasets:


Read-Ahead Materials

Participants should feel free to review the following materials, which will provide some context and ideas to prepare for the tutorial. They are not required prerequisite reading.


All events except lunch in Katzen 112.

Tuesday, August 25

8:00-­9:00 Registration

9:00-­9:15 Opening remarks

9:15-­10:15 Lecture:
Sheaf Theory: The Mathematics of Data Fusion

10:15-­11:15 Interactive:
Topological Features

— Topological and non­topological features of data problems
— Overview of the tutorial datasets
— Participant­-provided datasets

11:15­-12:15 Lecture:
What Is Topology?

12:15-­1:30 Lunch

1:30-­2:30 Lecture:
What Is a Sheaf?

2:30-­3:30 Interactive:
Building Complexes and Sheaves

3:30-­4:30 Lecture:
Data Structures as Sheaves


Wednesday, August 26

9:15­-10:15 Lecture:
Categorification and Chain Complexes

10:15-­11:15 Interactive:
Constructing and Categorifying

11:15-­12:15 Lecture:
Computing Topological features

12:15­-1:30 Lunch

1:30-­2:30 Lecture:
Sheaf Cohomology and Its Interpretation

2:30-­3:30 Interactive session:
Computing Homology and Cohomology

3:30-­4:30 Lecture:
How Do We Deal with Noisy Data?

Darpa Tutorial on Sheaves

Software Installation

Participants will be provided the opportunity to learn the mechanics of applying topology and sheaf theory to data by completing exercises at the workshop. These exercises can consist of tutorial-provided datasets as well as those provided by the participants. In order to maximize time usage, it is suggested that these software packages should be installed by those attending in-person:

— Katzen parking: metered 9:00-5:00 weekdays
AU Shuttle Blue & Red Routes from Tenleytown Metro stop at Katzen
Google Map: Katzen Arts Center (inset below)