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Economics | Courses

Undergraduate Courses

ECON-100 Macroeconomics
Every Term
ECON-110 The Global Majority Fall and Spring
ECON-200 Microeconomics Every Term
ECON-300 Intermediate Microeconomics Every Term
ECON-301 Intermediate Macroeconomics Every Term
ECON-317 Political Economy Occasional
ECON-318 Economic History Occasional
ECON-319 United States Economic History Occasional
ECON-320 History of Economic Ideas Occasional
ECON-322 Introduction to Econometrics Spring
ECON-325 Social Choice and Economic Justice Occasional
ECON-332 Money, Banking and Finance in the Global Economy Fall
ECON-341 Public Economics Alternate Springs
ECON-346 Competition, Regulation and Business Strategies Fall
ECON-351 Comparative Economic Systems Spring
ECON-352 Economic Transformation of Central/Eastern Europe In Prague/Occasional
ECON-358 Economics of World Regions Occasional
ECON-361 Economic Development Spring
ECON-362 Microeconomics of Economic Development Fall
ECON-363 Macroeconomics of Economic Development Spring
ECON-370 International Economics Every Term
ECON-371 International Economics: Trade Spring
ECON-372 International Economics: Finance Fall
ECON-373 Labor Economics Alternate Falls
ECON-374 Gender Roles in the Economy Fall
ECON-379 Economics of Environmental Policy Fall
ECON-480 Senior Research Seminar Fall

Graduate Courses

ECON-500 Microeconomics Fall and Spring
ECON-501 Macroeconomics Every Term
ECON-505 Introduction to Mathematical Economics Fall and Spring
ECON-523 Applied Econometrics I Fall and Spring
ECON-524 Applied Econometrics II Fall
ECON-541 Public Economics Alternate Springs
ECON-546 Industrial Economics Alternate Springs
ECON-547 Economics of Antitrust and Regulation Summer
ECON-551 Comparative Economic Systems Alternate Falls
ECON-552 Economics of Transition Alternate Springs
ECON-573 Labor Economics: Theory Alternate Falls
ECON-574 Gender Perspectives on Economics: Microeconomics
Alternate Falls
ECON-575 Gender Perspectives on Economics: Macroeconomics
Alternate Springs
ECON-579 Economics of Environmental Policy Fall
ECON-603 Introduction to Economic Theory Every Term
ECON-618 Economic History of Europe and the World Alternate Springs
ECON-619 United States Economic History Alternate Springs
ECON-620 Economic Thought Fall
ECON-625 Social Choice and Economic Justice Occasional
ECON-630 Monetary Theory and Policy Spring
ECON-633 Financial Economics Fall
ECON-634 Development Finance and Banking Spring
ECON-635 International Capital Markets Fall
ECON-639 Policy Issues in Financial Economics Occasional
ECON-658 Economics of World Regions Occasional
ECON-661 Survey of Economic Development Fall and Spring
ECON-662 Development Microeconomics Fall
ECON-663 Development Macroeconomics Spring
ECON-665 Project Evaluation in Developing Countries Spring
ECON-670 Survey of International Economics Every Term
ECON-671 International Economics: Trade Alternate Falls
ECON-672 International Economics: Finance Alternate Springs
ECON-701 Theory of Political Economy Spring
ECON-702 Macroeconomic Analysis I Spring
ECON-703 Microeconomic Analysis I Fall
ECON-705 Mathematical Economic Analysis Fall
ECON-706 Advanced Mathematical Economic Analysis Occasional
ECON-711 Micro Political Economy II Fall
ECON-712 Macroeconomic Analysis II Fall
ECON-713 Microeconomic Analysis II Spring
ECON-723 Econometric Methods Spring
ECON-724 Advanced Econometric Methods Fall
ECON-774 Seminar in Economic Thought Occasional
ECON-778 Seminar in Economic History Occasional
ECON-781 Seminar in Political Economy Occasional
ECON-782 Seminar in Empirical Macroeconomics Alternate Springs
ECON-783 Seminar in Empirical Microeconomics Alternate Springs
ECON-784 Seminar in International Trade and Finance Occasional
ECON-788 Seminar in Economic Development Occasional
ECON-789 Empirical Methods in Labor Economics Alternate Springs
ECON-799 Doctoral Dissertation Seminar Every Term