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Economics | Conference


Yuichi Kitamura, Yale (Economics)
Title: “Information theoretic methods in econometrics: Some perspectives”
Discussant: Susanne Schennach, University of Chicago

Nozer D. Singpurwalla, The George Washington University (Statistics)
Title: “A Paradigm for Camouflaging Information”

David Wolpert, NASA Ames Research Lab
Title: “Weaving Information Theory into Science: the Next 25 Years”

George Judge, University of California, Berkeley
Title: “Finite Sample Performance of Maximum Likelihood and Semiparametric Binary Response Estimators Under Quadratic Loss”
Discussant: William Greene, NYU (Economics, Stern School of Business)

Arnold Zellner, University of Chicago (Graduate School of Business)
Title: “Bayesian Analysis and Information Theory”

Steve Pincus
Title: "Irregularity and Volatility in Financial Markets"Discussant: TBA