Economics Faculty Research Interests

  • Robert Blecker
    International trade policy, open economy macroeconomics, the value of the dollar and the US trade deficit, the Mexican economy, and NAFTA
  • Robert Feinberg
    Market entry and exit, patterns and determinants of US and global antidumping actions, competitive interactions between banks and credit unions in local consumer lending markets, Australian antitrust policy, and development of markets in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Maria Floro
    Economic problems and concerns of vulnerable groups, especially women, small farmers and urban poor, in developing countries
  • Amos Golan
    Information, information processing and optimal decision rules based on efficient use of information (Info-Metrics)
  • Mary Hansen
    Child welfare policy and economic history
  • Alan Isaac
    Agent-based simulation, with an emphasis on macrodynamics, the intergenerational transmission of wealth inequality and the growth of effects of open innovation, growth theory, with an emphasis on Post Keynesian models of the distributional effects of macroeconomic policy
  • Robert Lerman
    Employment, income support, and youth development, especially as they affect low-income populations
  • Daniel Lin
    Industrial organization of entertainment industries, the theory of the firm, and the antitrust implications of various theories of competition
  • Subodh Mathur
    Econometrics, Economic Development, climate change
  • Mieke Meurs
    Comparative systems, heterodox microeconomics, transition economies, economics of gender
  • Walter Park
    Intellectual property rights, research and development, technological progress
  • Arturo Porzecanski
    International finance, emerging markets, and Latin American economics and politics
  • Kara Reynolds
    Political economy of trade protection, antidumping protection, the impact of trade liberalization
  • Natalia Radchenko
  • Microeconometrics, labor economics, public policy evaluation
  • Larry Sawers
    Economic development, macroeconomic policy, U.S. economics history
  • Xuguang (Simon) Sheng
    Econometric theory, applied econometrics, empirical macroeconomics, economic and financial forecasting
  • Ralph Sonenshine
    Antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and finance, and economic history
  • Martha Starr
    Consumption, saving, wealth, macroeconomics, monetary policy, developing and emerging-market countries, and social economics
  • John Willoughby
    Political economy of globalization in the Middle East and South Asia
  • Paul Winters
    Impact evaluation of development projects, rural poverty, migration and remittances, fertility, cash transfer programs in developing countries, rural livelihood strategies, tourism and smallholder agriculture
  • Jon Wisman
    History of economic thought, methodology, history, introductory macroeconomics
  • Mahmud Yesuf
    Poverty, environment and development issues in low income countries, with a special focus on households' behavioral issues (such as risk aversion)