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Economics | Honors Program

Admission to the Program

Formal Admission to the Honors in Economics Program requires: 

  • Grade Point Average of 3.7 in five of the major core courses: ECON 100, ECON 200, ECON 300/400, ECON 301/401 and STAT 202/203/204
  • To remain eligible for the Honors in Economics program, students must maintain a 3.7 average in all courses required to complete the specific BA/BS major program. 


Course Requirements

In addition to the general education requirements and requirements for the specific BA/BS program students will need to complete addition requirements to earn the Honors in Economics.

  • A supplement to ECON 322
  • A supplement to ECON 480
  • Honors Internship in Economic Research or an additional supplement to an ECON 3xx or 4xx level course.

Advising Information

Honors in Economics Advising
Professor Walter Park