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  • First Class of International Econ Students
  • Economics Students Win 2014 Regional Fed Challenge
  • Rising Treatment Costs Drive Health Care Spending
  • Finding Wales
  • Getting to the Core of Bankruptcy

Barbara Bergmann

Barbara BergmannThe Department mourns the passing of Distinguished Professor Emerita Barbara Bergmann. Read about Professor Bergmann's many accomplishments here.



Kara ReynoldsKara M. Reynolds (with Chad P. Bown), "Trade Flows and Trade Disputes," Review of International Organizations, June 2015

Robert FeinbergRobert Feinberg (with Thomas Husted and Florian Szucs), "Does State Antitrust Enforcement Drive Establishment Exit?" Journal of Competition Law & Economics, March 2015

Robert Feinberg (with PhD Student Daniel Kuehn, Signe-Mary McKernan, Doug Wissoker, and Sisi Zhang), "Explaining Variation in Title Charges: A Study of Five Metropolitan Residential Real Estate Markets," Review of Industrial Organization, March 2015

Robert Blecker Robert Blecker, "Structural Change, the Real Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments in Mexico, 1960-2012" Cambridge Journal of Economics, Forthcoming 2015.

Boris Gershman Boris Gershman, "The Economic Origins of the Evil Eye Belief" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, February 2015

Boris Gershman (with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt) "How Inflation Affects Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Investigation," Macroeconomic Dynamics, Forthcoming 2015

Jon WismanJon D. Wisman (with AU Alum Aaron Pacitti) "Ending the Unemployment Crisis with Guaranteed Employment and Retraining," Journal of Economic Issues, September 2014



Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou in the Peninsula (3/19/15), "Only Half of World's Adults Have Bank Accounts, Region Better"

Mary Hansen in The Los Angeles Times (1/15/15), "Obama Pushes Paid Sick/Family Leave for Workers"

Boris Gershman in The Boston Globe (1/4/15), "The Case for the Evil Eye"

Mary Hansen in CNN (11/4/14) "Is Child Poverty Inevitable?"

Gabriel Mathy in the National Journal (10/17/14) "What Would an Ebola Travel Ban Actually Look Like?"

Mary Hansen's research on "The Value of Adoption" is featured on the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives' website, and contributed to the passage of the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act by the House and Senate.


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