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Offering graduate and undergraduate programs in general economics, development economics, gender analysis in economics, financial economic policy, applied economics, and international economics.

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Selected Publications

Natalia Radchenko (with Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Bernard Salanie), "Divorce and the duality of marital payoff". Review of Economics of the Household.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral and Paul Winters) "Heterogeneity of commercialization gains in the rural economy". Agricultural Economics.

Natalia Radchenko, "Informal employment in developing economies: multiple heterogeneity". Journal of Development Studies, 2017, 53(4), 495-513.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral), "What's so spatial about diversification in Nigeria?". World Development, 2017, 95, 231-253.

Natalia Radchenko (with Paul Corral), "Agricultural commercialization and food security in rural economies: Malawian experience". Journal of Development Students.

Bernhard Gunter (with Faisal Ahmed, A.F.M. Ataur Rahman, and Jesmin Rahman), "Do Patterns of Development and Macroeconomic Uncertainty Explain Bangladesh's Savings and Investment Puzzle?" Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh, 2017.

Bernhard Gunter (with A.F.M. Ataur Rahman), "Relationship Between Money Growth and Stock Prices in Bangladesh" Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh, 2017.

Boris Gershman, "Long-Run Development and the New Cultural Economics." Demographic Change and Long-Run Development, 2017 .

Gabriel P. Mathy, "Hysteresis and Persistent Long-term Unemployment: The American Beveridge Curve of the Great Depression and World War II." Cliometrica, 2017.

Gabriel P. Mathy (with Matthew Jaremski), "Looking Back on the Age of Checking in America, 1800-1960" Revista de la Historia de la Economia y de la Empresa, 2017.

Nicholas Kahn, Josh Gupta-Kagan, and Mary Eschelbach Hansen, "The Standard of Proof in the Substantiation of Child Abuse and Neglect" Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 14. June 2017.

Michael E. Martell and Mary Eschelbach Hansen, "Self-Identity and the Lesbian Earnings Differential in the U.S." Review of Social Economy 75, June 2017.

Nicholas E. Kahn and Mary Eschelbach, "Measuring Recial Disparities in Foster Care Placement: A Case Study of Texas," Children and Youth Services Review 76, May 2017

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Nicholas L. Ziebarth), "Credit Relationships and Business Bankruptcy During the Great Depression," AEJ: Macroeconomics 9, April 2017.

Gabriel Mathy (with Nicolas L. Ziebarth), "How Much Does Political Uncertainty Matter? The Case of Louisiana Under Huey Long," The Journal of Economic History, March 2017.

Boris Gershman (with Quamrul Ashraf and Peter Howitt), "Banks, Market Organization, and Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Analysis," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, March 2017.

Mary Eschelbach Hansen (with Michelle McKinnon Miller), "A New View of Women in Bankruptcy:Evidence from Maryland Since 1940," American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 34, November 2016.

Robert A. Blecker, "The US Economy Since the Crisis: Slow Recovery and Secular Stagnation," European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies:Intervention, 2016.

Robert A. Blecker, "Finance, Distribution, and the Role of Government: Heterodox Perspectives for Understanding the Crisis," Studies in Political Economy, 2016.

Gabriel Mathy, "Stock Volatility, Return Jumps and Uncertainty Shocks During the Great Depression", Financial History Review, July 2016.

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(9/19/2017) "Another Lesson From the 1930s for the Federal Reserve"

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(5/30/2017) "The Restaurant Doodle That Launched a Political Movement"

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(1/18/17) "Buyers Beware: Inflation Rising After Several Sluggish Years"
(12/27/16) "Trump Boosted Christmas Spending? Doubtful"
(12/15/16) "After Liftoff, Trump-fed Clash Could Be in the Offing in 2017"

Jon Wisman in E-International Relations (01/04/2017), "Exploding Inequality is Killing Democracy"

Jon Wisman in the Huffington Post (07/25/2016), "Can Trump Only Be Stopped by Sanders?"

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Alum Drives Change in Haiti

I create vital innovative tools to boost growth and foster development.

After graduation, Marc Alain returned to Haiti, where he works as an operations analyst for the Inter-American Development Bank. He and his colleagues created Groupe ECHO, the first youth-led venture capital fund in Haiti. He also co-founded HFund, a closed-ended micro-venture capital firm. A Fulbright scholar, he teaches economics at College les Oliviers.