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Info-Metrics Graduate Fellows


Neshat Beheshti (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)

Huancheng Du (American University)

Jinji Hao (Washington U., St Louis)

Jelena Kmezic (American University)



Paul Corral (American U)
Project title: "Household agricultural productivity and its relation to credit in Nigeria"

Justin Grana (American U)
Project title: "Estimating parameters of the level-k model using generalized maximum entropy."

Ellis Scharfenaker (The New School)
Project title: "Quantal Response Inference for Rationally Inattentive Firms"

Mehdi Shoja (UW Milwaukee)
Project title: "Information and Bayesian Analysis of Uncertainty and Disagreement of Economic Forecasters:Model Based Approach"

Daniela Scida (Brown)
Project title: "Causality and Markovianity: Information Theoretic Measures"



Woubet Kassa (American U)
Project title: "Growth Episodes: Accelerations and Decelerations"

Daniel Kuehn (American U)
Project title: "A Generalized Maximum Entropy Approach to Propensity Score Matching"   



Kentaro Murayama (American U)

Tual Tuang (American U)
Project title: "Interval Estimation:  An Information-Theoretic Approach"



Heath Henderson (Iowa State U)
Project title: "An information-theoretic synthetic control"

Skipper Seabold (American U) 



Emcet O. Tas (American U)
Project Title: "Mixed methods study of poverty dynamics in African communities"