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Info-Metrics Institute | Annual Report

Table of Contents


Message from the Director
Notes from the Advisory Board
Graduate Students: In Their Own Words
Thanks to our Sponsors

Who We Are

Photo Album
2012 – 2013 Advisory Board
2012 - 2013 Research Associates
2012 - 2013 Visiting Fellows
Affiliate Profiles

What We Do

Current Research

Through their research, each of the Institute's Affiliates are pushing the boundaries of information processing and building the Institute's reputation as a world class academic resource. We asked each of our Affiliates to provide information about their current projects, and we received a diverse array of examples. Click on an Affiliate's name to learn more about his or her projects and area(s) of study.

Radu Balan (University of Maryland)
Marine Carrasco (University of Montreal)
Ariel Caticha (SUNY Albany)
J. Michael Dunn (Indiana University Bloomington)
Luciano Floridi (University of Hertfordshire)
Amos Golan (American University)
Alastair Hall (University of Manchester)
Nathan Harshman (American University)
Heath Henderson (Inter-American Development Bank)
Maria Heracleous (U Cyprus)
Atsushi Inoue (NC State University)
George Judge (University of California-Berkeley)
Raphael Levine (UCLA and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Robin Lumsdaine (American University)
Essie Maasoumi (Emory University)
Rossella Bernardini Papalia (University of Bologna)
Jeffrey R. Racine (McMaster University)
Eric Renault (Brown University)
Peter Robinson (London School of Economics)
Richard Smith (University of Cambridge)
Ehsan Soofi (University of Milwaukee Wisconsin)
Michael Stutzer (U of Colorado Boulder)
Aman Ullah (U of California Riverside)
Ximing Wu (Texas A & M University)
Victor Yakovenko (University of Maryland)

Summer at the Institute

Events and Activities

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